There is a plus of energy in these games and they will be with great enthusiasm

Up there was some change. We did it similar to the year before we got the title. Nothing else. We did badly in terms of result and we will try to come back".

Montilivi’s bone

Regarding the duel before Girona, Valverde pointed out that “all away games have a high level of complication. We play a derby, with all the connotations that a derby has because the distances are shortened. There is an extra energy in these games and they will be very enthusiastic. They have a good track record in the league and in the Cup. We know what it costs the other teams to win at Montivli. They get strong there. It will be a difficult and important match. Each time the points cost more, so it means winning or not winning ”.

Valverde insisted in his speech that “the Cup does not condition me for the match against Girona", which he described as "fundamental and we have to win it, something that will be very difficult". The coach wants to maintain the advantage over Atlético and Madrid, two rivals that he considers equally relevant in the fight for the League. “You always look at the one immediately behind, but I value them equally. Madrid always have the special competitive gene and Atlético just gives up. It is true that Atlético have it at 5 points and you think about the one you have right behind for a mathematical question, although you never rule out anyone “

Boateng and Malcom

Of the proper names, the stream from 1xbet coach admitted that with Boateng “he had a difficult situation in his debut. I thought about what was best for the team. It could be that he will play 60 percent of the game and Luis Suárez 30 percent, or the other way around, but we decided that way. We hope you have a good track record. Depending on the other players, whether Luis or Leo are, it is one more alternative that we handle, nothing more ”.

On Malcom, Valverde again gave him a vote of confidence: "He has many qualities, he is vertical and he always has the possibility of having a clear match during the game. We want it to offer continuity in the game and that its presence intimidates the opponent".

Valverde explains why he did not call De Jong

SPORT, with De Jong in Amsterdam: Barça’s hunger

FC Barcelona went to rest with a minimal victory against Girona. The blaugrana team could even sentence with a very clear chance from Coutinho, who forgave before the goalkeeper. The Girona team, despite the defeat, pressed up and on the edge of the break stroked the tie, if not for Piqué who saved on the line. Semedo, for his part, scored with his left foot in an opportunistic goal.


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Jordi Gil @jordigil

Lovers of ‘trail’ running have an unmissable appointment this weekend in the Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park. The Salomon Ultra Pirineu 2018 is held in a spectacular Catalan enclave to host the more than 3,000 registered runners from more than 50 different countries.


Act. 09/27/2018 at 10:36 AM CEST

 Five different races that are held over three days (Friday 28, Saturday 29 and Sunday 30): the Ultra Pirineu (110km and 6,800m of positive elevation gain), the Marató Pirineu (45km and 2,400m positive), the Mitja Pirineu (20km and 630 of positive elevation gain), the Nit Pirineu (5km and 860km of positive elevation gain) and the Pirineu XS (children’s course). The Ultra Pirineu is also part of the Skyrunner World Series in the Ultradistance modality.

Kilian Jornet (12:03:27) holds the record for the men’s event at the Ultra Pirineu, while the Swedish Emelie Forsberg (13:39:33) holds the women’s record. Jornet himself has the best record in the Marató del Pirineu (3:44:28), with Ruth Croft holding the best women’s record (4:19:10). Regarding the Nit Pirineu, Antonio Alcalde, with 38:02 has the record to date, while Laura Orgué (42:28) holds the best female mark. 

All the information about the race at

The seventh edition of the Trail dels Fars crowned the Mallorcan Miquel Ensenyat and the Catalan Laia Díez as winners of the queen distance, on a sunny day that led to an excellent day of racing on the Camí de Cavalls.


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More than 950 runners of 13 different nationalities participated in the distances of 44, 21 and 12.5 kilometers.

Ensenyat was victorious over the same finish line when he took advantage of a mistake by Joan Florit, who had starred in a spectacular race dominating from start to finish, to overtake him and take the victory with a time

from 3:37:31.

Florit, grumpy with an unexpected gesture, crossed the line four seconds later, while Xavi Villalonga did it in third place with a time of 3:46:41.

In women, Laia Díez returned to Menorca and found a career that got very expensive with the abandonment of the other great favorite and defender of the title, Maria Pallicer.

The Catalan entered the finish line with 4:07:41, while the second place went to the legs of the ciutadellenca Mari Allès with a time of 4:51:29 and the third step went to the Mayonnaise Eva Orives (5: 05:48).

Godoy and Ameller, the best in 21 kms

In the 21 kms, the fastest were Toni Godoy, usual in the triumph of this distance, and Tina Ameller, who stopped the time at 1:31:10 and 1:51:52, respectively.

In the men’s category, the Catalan took advantage of the last stretch of asphalt after the Punta Nati lighthouse to overtake Iván Canet (1:31:47) and take off third place, Manolo Ruz (1:33:19), both from Ciutadella .

In women, the fastest was also the local Tina Ameller followed by Adriana López (1:57:20) and Alicia Vázquez and Carla Martínez, who entered the finish line together (1:59:51).

In the popular race, Dani Durán was the fastest to cover the 12KM with a time of 47:33 ahead of Ramón Rosselló (49:24) and Mateu Capllonch (49:43). In women, the mayonnaise Susana Seguí was 9 seconds short of the time (1:00:09) signing a spectacular race ahead of Sandra Ponseti (1:03:03) and the ciutadellenca Tonia Taltavull (1:03 : 16).

At the end, the president of the Insular Council, Susana Mora, presided over the delivery of trophies accompanied by the deputy Joan Mascaró, and the councilors of Equality and Sports of the city of Ciutadella, Laura Anglada and Sandra Moll, and at

representative of Bosch y Lozano, Josep Bosch.

The Valencia Trinidad Alfonso EDP Half Marathon and Marathon, together with the Vithas-Nisa 9 de Octubre Hospital, have launched the ‘Healthy Bib’. The action is unique and starts to reinforce the sports health campaign for its participants, which the tests are betting on.


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With this ‘Healthy Bib’, any runner will be able to register for both the half and the marathon by acquiring a pack that includes their number and a complete medical check-up with a discount on the total price. Specifically, this check-up includes: medical-sports examination, echocardiography, stress test on a treadmill with gas consumption, study of body composition using bioimpedance and interpretation of results together with training guidelines for both distances. In addition, all runners who acquire the Healthy Bib will benefit from a certificate of Sports Fitness valid for one year.

This ‘Healthy Bib’ has a total cost (number + medical check-up) of € 210 for the Half Marathon and € 240 for the Marathon. The previous appointment can be requested until the availability is exhausted and the medical check-ups can be carried out until September 20. In addition, runners can opt for a bib + stress test pack (without medical check-up) for € 115 in a half marathon or € 140 in a marathon.

Those runners who are already registered in the Valencia Trinidad Alfonso EDP Half Marathon or Marathon may also request their medical check-up at a special price (€ 185) by presenting the proof of registration in Vithas-Nisa or, if you prefer, € 90 if requested the stress test.

Sports Health Collaborator

The Valencia Trinidad Alfonso EDP Half Marathon and Marathon will once again have the support of Hospital Vithas-Nisa October 9 in their next editions, which will be held on October 27 and December 1 in Valencia Ciudad del Running, respectively. In this edition, Vithas-Nisa will also retrain the thousands of volunteers participating in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and first aid courses, basic maneuvers that will be of vital importance in the period that a medical team arrives to attend the emergency.

With these activations, the Valencia Trinidad Alfonso EDP Half Marathon and Marathon reinforce their commitment and care for the health of the thousands of runners who every year decide to run the best races in Spain and in the case of the marathon, one of the 10 best in the world. world, which each year attracts more runners from around the world.

On April 14 the city of Barcelona will host the sixth edition of the Salomon Run and with less than two weeks to go, the last numbers are available at The appointment collaborates this year with the Guttman Institute to contribute to the neurorehabilitation of people with an injury of neurological origin. More than 60% of the participants have already donated a solidarity euro for the cause at the time of registration.


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Fun, supportive, surprising, different … The Salomon Run has many features that make it different from other urban races in Barcelona. In addition, there are six aspects in particular that make it unique and that invite you not to miss it: