The project also started in the USA in June.

"Build me a castle"

They associate positive qualities with an architect, such as a feel for aesthetics, style and enthusiasm. Of course, there is also the fact that architects generally earn not badly.

Every woman wants a little luxury, and George Clooney showed us how to do it: As a doctor in the series "Emergency room" he melted women all over the world. So does the white coat awaken the desire for doctor games? The hero myth of the lifesaver is definitely decisive here. The 24-hour shifts, the little free time and the wages that are no longer so generous cannot really be the reason for this. Nevertheless, with 53 percent, the doctor ranks second among the most attractive male professions.

The heroes of everyday life

In the middle of the most attractive male professions are the creative and artistic professions: craftsmen, graphic designers, artists and musicians are well received by the weaker sex. It is also very practical to have your own craftsman at home,

who grabs with manual dexterity, muscles and sweat. For every second woman over 45 years of age, they are the heroes of everyday life. You can rely on them. Creative people and musicians, on the other hand, are society’s rebels. Here it must be the sex appeal of the "Young savages" and not because of the mostly chronically empty wallet. But if the woman is looking for a potential breadwinner and father of her children, then this professional group has less chance of success in a hot flirt.

With the official status to the father of a family

Dear teachers and educators, unfortunately things are not looking so rosy for you. The sensitive timpanist does not bring women to a boil. The secure civil service status attracts most women over 45 years of age who are looking for a father. The educators are rated at least as very reliable and intellectual. Read more about the male professions that make women weak.

Does that sound familiar to you? Your loved one comes back from shopping and has three new pairs of shoes with her. Completely incomprehensible to you, but don’t say anything wrong now. We do not want you to make a mistake in the future and give you tips on which sentences you should not say to women under any circumstances. Here are our top 10.

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“The dress looks good on you, but the other one wasn’t bad either.” The topic of shopping offers you many opportunities to afford one faux pas after the other. But if you follow a few simple rules, you can definitely score here. Only speak when asked, and then only in short sentences and preferably immediately. Long hesitation is immediately understood as criticism and most women are only looking for confirmation and are less interested in your true opinion about a piece of clothing. Look for the enthusiasm in the question. Most of the time, you can already tell whether your loved one likes the item of clothing. “New shoes again?”

Let’s stick with one of women’s favorite pastimes, shopping. In general, women here are hunters and always proud of their prey. So in that respect she is not so strange to the man. However, it is irrelevant for women whether their prey is useful, it just has to please. You yourself.

So it is better to accept that the shoe closet is overcrowded and instead suggest expanding the apartment.

“What did you spend on it?” A gentleman is silent and enjoys, and so it is with the subject of money. You shouldn’t care how much your loved one spends on clothes, shoes or new dishes. For women, the value of an object is rarely measured in terms of its usefulness, but is judged on the basis of pleasure. So the correct sentence is: “It looks great and is definitely worth every penny.” “You remind me of my mother.”

Those who survive this sentence face bad times. It doesn’t matter how much you miss your mother’s good food,

or that only she could iron your shirts so perfectly. The new woman by your side is now number one and you should show her that. Even ashleymadison if you meant this statement as a great honor, no woman wants to be compared to her mother. To be honest, no man wants to assume the role of father for his loved one …

“Have you gained weight?” A very dangerous question and hardly anyone will dare to ask it. The question of whether she has lost weight is almost as intriguing. Ladies and gentlemen will immediately associate this question with having weighed too much beforehand. So, in general, a woman’s weight is a kamikaze issue. However, if a woman should ask specifically: “Honey, do you think I’m too fat?” All you have to do is flee forward. An indignant negative is, of course, appropriate, but it should not be conveyed with too much emphasis. That will make them suspicious … “That is in the nature of the man!” This sentence actually sounds like a good reason for a lot. He refers to biological facts that determine the differences between men and women and which men cannot help. But women don’t accept that! It is better not to start with the theory of evolution or the natural differences between the sexes. Women do not want to be confronted with a fait accompli, even if it is something as simple as evolution that they cannot change. So get used to the fact that every topic, no matter how small, can be discussed. “You don’t understand that anyway.” Yes! First of all, women understand everything. And if not, then it has just been explained badly to them. Even if your partner has no real interest in how the offside rule works in football, you should explain it to her. Over and over again! Your patience may then be rewarded so that you can enjoy the rest of the game without any annoying questions. “The appearance of a woman is not important to me.”

What do you mean by that? Your wife will understand that you do not find her attractive and you cannot blame her for that. Even if you only wanted to point out the valuable inner values ​​and the lovable character of your partner. Everyone wants to look good and women especially want to look. So the formulation is nicer: “You look great, but I didn’t fall in love with your looks."

“Be careful when parking!”

Yes, admittedly, women and driving a car is a very special topic and always offers the opportunity for chauvi sayings and bad jokes. But women don’t want to hear that they can’t do something or that you are better as a man. So you probably have to accept the first scratch on the paint and then say with a little triumph in your voice: “Honey, you should have been careful now …” In addition, the latest parking aids in cars were certainly invented for women.

“Marry? No way!”

Women definitely don’t want to hear this sentence. Expressed very sensitively, this formulation is generally not. Better wrap this statement. You don’t have to tell her that you are a free spirit who does not want to enter the port of marriage. Maybe you just don’t feel ready for it yet and you want to reconsider this serious step. This way you don’t rob the ladies of all hope of a glittering engagement ring. So if you follow a few simple rules in the future, you will save yourself a lot of faux pas and in the end you may even have more free time that you can spend relaxed with your friends or loved ones.

Burned out, tired, empty. The colleagues are annoying, the boss anyway. The old story and the tax eats up the salary every day – why all the drudgery? And above all: how long should the daily routine go on like this? Anyone who thinks about himself and his job like this is ripe for a longer break or even for leaving. For example, for a completely crazy job as a rally manager in India. If you really want to break up your tent, you should contact Escape the City take a closer look.

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London, European capital of money. The most important banks, insurers and brokers in Europe have settled in around one square mile around the tower. In British jargon, the city center is just called "the City".

Break out of life

In this closed financial world, the rules are strict, the commute times in the tube – i.e. in the London Metro – are long and the working hours are much longer. More and more young Britons have had enough of it and are breaking out of this life. Two of them who made the jump are Dominique Jackman and Robert Symington. Both had worked as management consultants at Ernst & Young worked. Both were fed up with their consulting jobs. Dom noticed that he was spending more and more time planning his weekends, escaping from everyday office life. For a charity event, a canoe race on the Yukon, he built a website called

Rob then sent him the picture of an “Escape” key on the computer – that was the initial spark. So Dom and his colleague Rob simply got out – and founded a headhunter agency for frustrated but well-trained young managers. The name of the online portal says it all: Escape the City – escape the city.

The startup’s credo: There has to be more to life than a job that doesn’t do you yourself. The company motto: “Do something else”. No sooner said than done: Today the online community has over 36,000 registered members, and it is financed through the commission paid by the companies.

Profitable in the first year

The small company was profitable in the first year, it markets itself via weekly emails with job offers. The project also started in the USA in June.

Mike Howe is supposed to be in New York – he once worked for the investment bank Merrill Lynch, which also collapsed during the financial crisis and was taken by the Bank of America has been taken over – helping dissatisfied Wall Street finance professionals bail out. Germany also appears to be a lucrative market for those helping out to get out of the Thames, because Germany also has a loyal readership with around 1,500 registered users, as co-founder Rob Symington spoke to stressed.

The financial crisis releases its children The founding period in spring 2009 is of course no coincidence: shortly after the collapse of the US investment bank Lehman Brothers in September 2008, a brutal wave of layoffs rolled through the City of London. In addition to the frustration, there was also the fear of losing a job. Since then, the world of finance has changed completely: some British banks had to be supported by the state, the government has imposed a special tax on banker bonuses. This means that the last incentive for many professionals to continue doing the hard job in the financial sector has ceased to exist. For Rob Symington at least a lot has changed – his exit has paid off: “Today I earn just as much with my own company as I did when I was a management consultant,” he emphasized in an interview with The adventure has always been Symington’s: he once drove from Cape Town to Cairo in a 35-year-old Land Rover.